Xcessive KA24E Single Cam Bolt on Plenum kit N-KA24E-BP

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Xcessive Manufacturing's large plenum kit for the KA24E single cam engine is designed to flow more air and give a dramatic increase in plenum volume over stock for better performance weather N.A. or boosted. With easy bolt on installation that requires simple hand tools, you can realize gains in a matter of an hour. The new plenum is permanent mold cast for superior finish and casting soundness with a phenolic shell core used for internal walls to yield some of the best quality available. The plenum is drilled for the factory throttle body and bolt pattern but comes pre machined for up to a 70 mm bore (Up to 80 mm bore available and custom bolt patterns as special order, call prior to ordering.)  Runners and throttle body are pictured but are not sold with the plenum kit. Q45 Throttle body flange upgrades are available.

  If you want all you can get, for an additional $60 we can remove the stock butterflies from the runners and cap all unnecessary holes. You will have to send us your runner set. Please contact us prior to placing an order about adding this.

  Don't forget a thermal gasket to complete your installation while your working on the manifold! Get all the power you can!

The manifold kit includes the bolt on flange, new Xcessive plenum with 4 vacuum ports, 5 flanged plenum bolts, five flat head flange bolts and four vacuum fittings (2@ 1/8", 2@ 3/8"). Factory throttle body, throttle cable bracket and runners are not included. Hood clearance should be checked as well as modification of vacuum/ pcv lines and possibly CAI's. The AAC is not used and will require adjustment of the throttle blade or ECU tuning to accommodate, an optional remote mount plate is available for use of the AAC (see AAC)

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