HKS Step 2 264 Intake Camshaft w/12mm Lift for Nissan Silvia S14 S15 1993-02 SR20DET NVCS 22002-AN026

by HKS
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SKU 22002-AN026

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HKS requirements for high-performance cams.

To smoothly take in air and exhaust, i.e. to make the valve move both in and out with accuracy under any circumstance. Absolute power at high RPM Accelerator Response at low-mid RPM Stable idle

 Development possible because of true "In-house" production

When HKS refer to "in-house", it does not simply mean to produce everything with our own facilities. HKS does build from the ground up instead of looking for a guide from the vehicle manufacturers. The design, processing, test and production are all linked together with particular attention, therefore, the testing and redesigns are based on those results. The results of this R&D are then reflected in the final production of the items. All of this is necessary to provide the customer with a product which they can be truly feel happy with and to maintain HKS' position as the pioneer in the tuning industry From

"Bolt-on" to Full Tune-up Specifications.

The Right Profile to Extract Maximum Performance from Engine


Offering more power over SS-Cams through an increased lift. However, strengthened valve springs (RB26 also require Piston recess modification and Cam clearance on head) are required.

In addition to the "Ultimate easy installation camshaft" STEP1, "For higher rpm & Higher horsepower", STEP2/3 are re-launched.
With the latest profile design, it outperforms competitors' products.
Feel the performance.

*Difference of STEP3 is valve timing only.



  • Target engine for both STEP2/STEP3 is more than 450ps and revolution limiter is at 8000rpm/9000rpm.
  • Test result shows it outperforms competitors products.
  • As shown on the left, the performance is improved from STEP 1 at more than 6,000 - 6,500rpm that is effective for large turbines.

* If turbine size is smaller than GT3037S, STEP1 camshaft is better for all rpm range.


Required parts: Valve Spring Upgrade or Head System STEP2. (Maximum rpm : 8000rpm)

Required parts: Valve Spring Upgrade, Lash Killer Kit or Head System STEP3 (Maximum rpm : 9000rpm)

  • The designed valve timings are targeting best balance of horsepower and torque. Valve timing can be adjusted with Slide Cam Sprocket.



About test data

  • Engine with NVCS. HKS 2.2L KIT STEP2
  • Turbine: GT3037S 56T A/R0.61
  • Stock throttle, surge tank. Tested on a engine bench.



Duration Valve
Code no. Price Duration Valve
Code no. Price
264° 12.0 118° 22002-AN026   264° 12.0 114° 22002-AN027   STEP2,
          272° 11.5 114° 22002-AN030  


Engine Side Duration Valve Lift Designed Valve Timing Code No. Price Remarks
SR20DET S14・S15 INTAKE 264° 12.0 118° 22002-AN026 STEP2、For NVCS

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