HKS GTII Universal 50mm Wastegate 14005-AK002

by HKS

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SKU 14005-AK002

HKS GT wastegate has big engine displacement and high supercharging pressure for smaller and lighter designs. The installation with the V band makes it easier for maintenance.

2 types of valve diameter are available (60mm, 50mm) for stable control over boost for any size turbocharger. There are 4 wastegate springs for 60mm and 3 for 50mm (2 are already loaded for both products), therefore, it's possible to change from a wide range of boost pressure settings. 

This product page is for the 50mm valve

HKS GTII 60mm Wastegate Found Here


The 50mm valve that is the same as the SPL(racing) wastegate and we made them lightweight. HKS has made it 3/4 of lightweight of 1,890g to 1,443g compare to SPL(racing) wastegate. 

Boost pressure range:

  • 11.6PSI ~ 29.0PSI
  • 1.78.5~107.9kPa (0.8~1.1kgf/cm2)
  • 2.107.9~137.3kPa (1.1~1.4kgf/cm2)
  • 3.137.3~166.7kPa (1.4~1.7kgf/cm2)
  • 4.166.7~196.1kPa (1.7~2.0kgf/cm2)

Small in size and lightweight, but it has the same lift amount/flow characteristic as the GT wastegate. The upper case is made of alumite, and the housing is stainless cast steel for the beautiful exterior. Adopted G coupling for the installation of upper cases and lower case. V band is included to install the exhaust manifold. The spring change work will be more efficient by using attached SST.

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