AEM 100 PSIg Stainless Sensor Kit 30-2130-100

by AEM
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SKU AEM 30-2130-100

AEM offers several sensors and Plug & Pin connector kits for vehicles that require additional outputs and/or upgraded hardware over existing sensors. Available sensors include boost/backpressure sensors, exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensors, nitrous oxide/brake pressure sensors, UEGO replacement sensors, inlet air temp sensors (IAT), K-Type sensors, and more. All sensors come with a three-wire mating connector with 12" leads for ease of installation.

AEM Electronics PSIG sensor kits are available in brass or stainless steel. Use brass sensors where you need a good reference to what pressure is being seen; e.g., reference/information of manifold pressure, not for ECU calibration. Stainless sensors should be used where you need exact details of the pressure; e.g., calibration/critical MAP sensor information for the ECU.

Features include:

  • Stainless steel sensors accurate to within 1percent of full scale (pressure sensors)
  • Brass sensors accurate to within 3 percent of full scale (pressure sensors)
  • High-quality sealed sensor housings are virtually impervious to automotive fluids (360-degree welded wetted area)
  • Connector and pins included

Sensor Performance Specifications:

Accuracy: +/- 0.5% Full Scale over -40C to 105C includes Repeatability, Hysteresis and Linearity

Operating Temp: -40C to 105C / -40F to 221F

Burst Pressure: 1000PSI

Response Time: < 1mS

Wetted Materials: 304L & 316L Stainless Steel

Vibration: 100 to 2000Hz, 20g Sinusoidal, 3 Axes

Weight: <85g

Supply Current: <6mA at 5 Vdc

Output: .5 to 4.5Vdc Linear

Transfer Function: PSI = (25*(Voltage))-12.5

Elec. Termination: Integral weatherproof connector, includes mating connector & pins(Supply Voltage 5Vdc +/- .5, Ground, Output)

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