HKS RB26 VCAM System Step 2 (w/ Valcon RB) 22007-AN018

by HKS
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SKU 22007-AN018

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Features Specially designed cam for Step 2 has a duration of 264°, valve lift 8.7mm. Acceleration at high rpm is smoother than solid Step 1 camshaft (272IN-272EX). Step 2 is suited to the higher power output at all ranges of engine rpm. Strength is enhanced when used with upgraded Valve Springs at high RPM (recommended limit 8500rpm). Engine output and torque are substantially improved at all engine RPM range compared to solid Step 1 (272IN/EX). Step 2 was designed to show significant power and torque improvement for vehicles tuned to output 600ps or higher compared to old type Step 1 type B (256EX).

Complete Parts


Required Parts

VALCON TYPE-RB26 Exhaust Camshaft

STEP 2 - Recommended: STEP1 272°

Valve Spring

STEP 2 - HKS Uprated Valve springs (for increasing maximum RPM, Sold separately)


STEP 2, Pro - HKS Piston for valve⇔Piston Clearance

Oil Pump

HKS Oil Pump recommended

Head Modification




Precautions for Use

Maximum RPM

STEP 2 - 8,000rpm (With Stock Valve Springs) 8,500rpm (With HKS Valve springs, Sold separately) 

Oil Temperature, Water Temperature

If oil viscosity is low, the oil pressure may not reach adequate levels resulting in valve timing not reaching desired values. Valve timing will not increase when water temperature is under 60°C


Recommended Oil

SUPER OIL (RB), Racing Pro Oil 10W-50


Timing Belt

Check every 10,000km for wear and tension. Adjust or replace if necessary.

Test vehicle specification

Engine: HKS 2.8L KIT STEP1 φ87

Intake: HKS Racing Suction Reloaded Intake Kit

Head Gasket: HKS Head Gasket 1.2mm

V Cam Control: VALCON TYPE-RB26

Fuel: HKS Fuel Delivery Kit

Fuel: HKS 1000cc Injectors

Turbine: HKS GT2530KAI x 2

Others: HKS Head Bolts, HKS Spark Plug M45

* Boost Pressure - 150kPa

* This result on the graph below is obtained by an in-house engine bench test. The result may vary depending on measuring instruments


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